Sqore’s mission is to provide people across the globe equal access to opportunities. It develops the world’s most effective (and best looking!) challenges to tap talent and measure skills

“Sqore (formerly Student Competitions) was founded in 2010 by four graduating college students who were also (surprise, surprise!) avid competitors. The company is driven by the founders’ passion for competing since their days as students, participating in and winning various competitions, including European Business Plan of the Year, St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, San Diego Venture Challenge, Deloitte Excellence Awards and many more. Winning competitions gave them opportunities to travel, network, win prizes and above all, have fun.

What started as Studentcompetitions.com, a pure listing site, has since expanded to encompass a whole range of products and services related to connecting talented young minds with global opportunities. Today, Sqore also offers companies and organizations cutting edge talent engagement services. Sqore manages a global talent database, where we list and rank our members worldwide and match them with jobs, scholarships and internships.”

More information about sqore on www.sqore.com