Emad Zand

  • In charge of Company Development and Investment
  • Process Development
  • Strategy and Implementation

Educational background

  • MSc, Stockholm School of Economics. Economy Student of the Year 2007 (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)
  • Goldman Sachs Global Leader 2007, winner of the European Case Competition 2008 (Tillburg University)
  • Top Young Leaders of Sweden – 2009 (McKinsey & Co.)
  • Exchange studies, Cornell University, Johnson School of Management (MBA), USA

Selected achievements from professional career

  • Avesina: CEO of Avesina hearing. Transformed company from a healthcare service provider to a full service retail chain
  • McKinsey & Co: Focused on PE and Healthcare in The Mid East and U.K.
  • Avesina: Worked as CFO and responsible for the public tender group
  • EF Education: Worked as strategist for the Mid East expansion