Private maternity clinic Stroken is founded

Storken was the first private maternity clinic in the Swedish county of Östergötland and Avesina’s first primary care unit. Shori Zand, the founder of the Group, worked as a midwife at the clinic with the goal of creating a family style environment with high quality healthcare.


Avesina adopts a patient centric approach to its healthcare delivery model. Our values are defined as: Respect (towards each-other and to patients), Dignity (in how we perform our service and what we want our patients to feel), Freedom of choice (of clinician and methods), Participation (keeping our patients well informed and part of the solution), Proximity (in relationships to patients and colleagues).


With the concept of women’s health Avesina expands its business by starting its first gynecology clinic in the county of Blekinge., This is the groups first step in specialist care and the first geographical expansion for Avesina.


Avesina successfully wins a bid to provide primary care to all incoming refugees in the Stockholm area. Within the first year Avesina expands capacity from 7000 patient to over 40 000 patients to help account for large influx of Iraqi refugees. Avesina becomes the largest healthcare provider to refugees in the Nordics.


Avesina continues growing rapidly within its four diversified areas; specialist care, primary care, elderly care and refugee care. Avesina is now one of the most prominent healthcare companies in the private health care sector in Sweden and market leader within refugee care, mammography screenings and hearing aid fittings.


Avesina starts its first elderly care clinic in Helsingborg and also its first audiology clinic in Stockholm.


Avesina successfully wins three combined government contracts and overnight becomes the largest players in mammography screening in Sweden with 10 geographic locations and full responsibility for cancer screening for a population of approximately 1 million women.


Avesina successfully exited its investments within diagnostics, elderly care and gynecology. The Group was restructured into an asset management arm (trading in listed equities and bonds) and an investment arm (focusing on building innovative healthcare companies).  Avesina focuses on expanding within audiology in Stockholm and Uppsala as it retains its role as the largest player in the field.


Sweden begins deregulating its hearing aid industry. Avesina Hearing prepares and adjusts to the new deregulation by changing its clinics into stores with more of a retail look and feel.


Avesina Hearing successfully transitions into becoming a hearing aid retailer and within 12 months becomes a dominant player in Sweden. Today the company has a total of 9 locations situated in Stockholm, Uppsala and Östergötland the birth place for the Avesina Group.


First investment outside of healthcare was made. The company joined forces with multiple prominent VCs to invest in Sqore.com – the next generation recruitmentcompany. The second investment was made in Phoodster.com a platform for supporting everyday life cooking.


Early 2015 Avesina hearing was sold to Danish group William Demant Group. (demant.com). Avesina continues to broaden its portfolio of investment into public equities and debt instruments to diversify its holdings.